Short explanation about the relation between japan and India

Short explanation about the relation between japan and India


Short explanation about the relation between Japan and India


Hello, this is Sidharth. Today I am going to give a clear idea about the history and current situation of the relation between Japan and India. Describing the whole history will be very long. So, I will try to cover most of the important past events which happened between India and also include the present situations. 


When the Britishers were ruling over India, India and Japan were enemies during world war II. But after India got its freedom from the British government, the relation between the two countries started to grow. In 1949, the former prime minister of India, Jawarharlal Nehru, gifted an elephant to the zoo situated in Tokyo. That was the first little step to a bright future of India and Japan’s relationship. Even though the relation was keep growing, japan had not taken seriously because of that time, the economy of India was impoverished. No trade happened between Japan and India at that time. That’s no one invited India to take part in the ASEAN. But after the 1980s, India started to do trading with Southeast Asian countries. In 1998 India did a nuclear test, which is known as the Pokhran test. After this incident, Japanacknowledges the capability of Indiaand after 2000, the relation has developed to a higher stage.

Current Relation

When the former prime minister Yoshiro Mori visited India, Mr. Mori, and the former Legendary Prime minister Atala Bihari Bajpai established the “global partnership between Japan and India.” Afterward, when former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh visited japan, the relation was promoted to “Global and strategic partnership.” But when Prime minister Modi went in an official summit to Japan, many things happened. Mr. Abe and Mr. Narendra take India-Japan relations to the next level. Recently in 2018, when Narendra Modi visited japan, the “Japan-India” vision was issued, and the two countries work together to develop an open and free indo-pacific. The reason behind the current relationship between India and Japan because Mr. Abe and Mr. Narendra Modi were in a good term when Mr. Narendra Modi was the CM of Gujurat. Mr. Abe has invested a lot in Gujarat when Mr. Modi was the CM.

Things that help to boost the relation between India and Japan 

  • Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe are both experienced business person. As India’s economy rapidly, Mr. Abe promised to Invest 35$ billion in India within 5 years.
  • Japan is planning to make many Industrial townships in India to increase the manufactory.
  • Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between India and Japan being implemented from August 2011.
  • India and Japan both signed a civil nuclear corporation agreement “in principle.”
  • Japan is Investing in “Swachh Bharat” and “make in India.”
  • A partner city agreement was signed between Varanasi and Kyoto.
  • Visa on arrival will be allowed to all the Japanese citizens after March 1st,2016.
  • There are also military and strategic agreements that were formed between India and Japan. Japan will work with the US and India for peace and freedom.